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Windows 8 Windows 8 has changed many colors and errors creep in when you do some tweaks or if there is incompatible software.
Boot loader errors like 0xc0000034 create trouble if you have no other support to troubleshoot. Either you should have another desktop PC or laptop with an internet connection to resolve your problem or find a Microsoft engineer to solve your issues.
Recently I was trying to tweak my Boot Manager using EasyBCD, which is a software tool to make changes to your Boot Menu. At the same time I was also trying to install Windows 7.
The bad thing I did was that I already installed Windows 8.1 32 bit and Windows 8 64 bit as a dual boot system and wanted to install the older OS over it. Though this was a tricky business which I accomplished earlier, I failed this time. I faced the dreaded boot error code 0xc0000034 when I installed the 32 bit Windows 7 version and failed to boot the Windows 8 boot manager.
Windows 8 Boot Error - 0xc0000034 How to Fix Windows 8 Boot Error Code 0xc0000034 The error description goes something like this: Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired.

The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information File : \Boot\BCD Error code : 0xc0000034 You’ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media.
If you don’t have any installation media (like a disc or USB device) contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer. I earlier faced a similar issue with error code 0xc0000098 regarding booting problem and resolved it using the “bcdboot” command. In that case the boot error solution was quick to solve.
To resolve the issue this time, I searched Google for answers. Many a times I resolve searching forums which I advocate to my young readers, which is a good habit of trouble-shooting. Though I read many web pages, the answer lied in this page. Repair Windows 8 PC Boot Error 0xc0000034 – How to Fix in Windows 8

The fix that I applied was totally a different one compared to the earlier solutions. I thank “NeoSmart Technologies” for providing the command line editor commands in an easy digestable manner.
This solution is especially for Windows 8 or 8.1 users. For Windows 7 or Vista, you may need to try little different commands.
Note: Since your Windows will not boot, you need a Windows 8 installation DVD to boot into and enter the Command Prompt tool which is available under “Repair your computer” option. The process involved applying commands in the command prompt Window in a 5-stage process.

Stage 1 : We should first make sure that the MBR and bootsector contain the right references to the Windows 8 bootloader.

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force

Stage 2: Then we need to get rid of the old BCD registry and create a new one. Note: The important thing is that C:\ refers to the boot drive and also the Windows installation drive. If you are having a dual boot system, find out which partition is the active one.

attrib -h -s C:\Windows\boot\BCD

 #error 0xc0000034 : biasanya folder BCD hilang/corrupt sehingga harus membuat folder baru dan "Boot Manager" yang baru

del C:\boot\BCD
bcdedit /createstore c:\Windows\boot\bcd.temp 
bcdedit.exe /store c:\Windows\boot\bcd.temp /create {bootmgr} /d "Windows Boot Manager"
bcdedit.exe /import c:\Windows\boot\bcd.temp 
bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} device partition=C: 
bcdedit.exe /timeout 10 
attrib -h -s C:\Windows\boot\bcd.temp 
del c:\Windows\boot\bcd.temp 

Stage 3: The Windows 8 bootloader is clean now and you need to add your Windows 8 installation entry to it.

bcdedit.exe /create /d "Microsoft Windows" /application osloader 

The entry {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} was successfully created. 

# {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} hasil pada command prompt disamping, setiap user akan berbeda, sesuaikan dengan user anda 

Stage 4: Then we need to assign the device partition and set some path changes. 

bcdedit.exe /set {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} device partition=C: 

bcdedit.exe /set {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} osdevice partition=C: 
bcdedit.exe /set {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
bcdedit.exe /set {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} systemroot \Windows 

Stage 5: Finally, we need to tell the bootmgr bootloader to list the entry.

bcdedit.exe /displayorder {c0dfc4fa-cb21-11dc-81bf-005056c00008} 


Though there are various solutions for this booting problem and error code, this is like altogether creating a new boot manager, wiping out of the old data. So if you had a Windows 8 Boot Manager, after applying these commands, you will see a Windows 7 or Vista styled Boot Menu. I don’t recommend this solution for a simple problem. Usually entering the Windows installation DVD and repairing your PC, most of the times resolves the problem. But in hard-cases like these, you can apply this solution. I myself applied this solution and was successful when I tried to install Windows 7 after installing Windows 8 (which you should avoid) and got this boot error code.

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